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We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters from India for Electrical precision terminals, Electrical Lugs, Electrical stampings in Brass, Copper, Aluminium or special Alloy metal, we have wide range of standard products to chose from, if your product needs specific custom designed parts send us your engineering drawing and material specifications. We can also manufacture parts even in small quantities in house plating facility can provide you with Gold, Silver or Tin planting to your requirement.

Our customers are mainly OEM's and Distributors in Europe and USA, we accept blanket orders and can ship in custom packaging with 100% quality inspection which includes Lab testing reports with each order, for small to medium size order we offer quick turnaround time of 2-3 weeks, orders can be shipped via UPS / FEDEX / DHL service to anywhere in the world delivery time is maximum 4-5 working days. We have negotiated special rates with these carriers this makes sense to even import small quantities.

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Send your inquiry at sales@electrical-terminals.com

Our Advantages

  • UL Specification
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Custom designed as per your drawings
  • Blanket OEM orders accepted
  • We offer metric / AEG Specification
  • Additional products offerd PVC Sleving, Crimp terminals
  • Tin / Silver / Gold plating service
  • For small orders we can accept Credit card payments
  • Material we support Copper, Brass, Aluminium and Alloys

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F-101 Vraj, Dinesh Mill Road, Baroda - 390007, India Email : sales@electrical-terminals.com

USA Call (646) 396-1323 Europe Call +44-20-8144-1957 India Call +91-989-8067-750

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